The Feng Shui View Of The Solar Eclipse

Many of you may be aware that on the 20th of March 2015, the UK and several other Northern hemisphere countries will witness a solar eclipse. This means that the New Moon will move exactly in between the Earth and the Sun, causing darkness to fall across the land. This is a rare event. It’s not till 2026 that another solar eclipse will fall across the UK and that will only be a partial eclipse. The next full solar eclipse to cover the UK won’t happen till 2090. So should you stock up on beers, prime the bbq and hold an eclipse watching party? What does a discipline like Feng Shui, which has many complex calculations based on the movement of the Sun and Moon, have to say on this?

Solar eclipse
The Sun and the Moon both have enormous gravitational fields that influence life on Earth. A New Moon – one where the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun and so appears like a black disc as the Sun’s light is on the side facing away from us – happens once every 28 days roughly. It’s the time when many women who have a natural menstrual cycle will have their period and it’s also been shown that it raises the rate of seizures amongst epileptics by short circuiting the electric chemistry in the brain. The New Moon is considered the feminine phase of the Moon and although it assists in detoxing, anything physical such as exercise seems harder till the Moon switches to Full Moon. In fact even sleeping is harder under the influence of the New Moon.

The contrast to this is the Sun who’s rays falling upon the Earth are part of what makes life possible here. Just a little closer or further away and the Earth wouldn’t be teeming with life. All plant life depends directly upon the Sun’s energy and all animal life depends upon indirectly, in that it either eats plants or eats other plant eating animals, as well as directly in the Circadian Rhythm which influences our eating and sleeping behaviours. Our bodies are highly evolved and adapted to the Sun’s energy and things that make us seperated from it, like working night shifts, have been shown to have damaging effects on the body and mind.

When a Solar Eclipse occurs, the New Moon will pass directly between the Earth and the Sun. During that time, the Moon will be reflecting the Sun’s energy back at the Sun. The shadow of the Moon will cast darkness across parts of the Earth.

In Feng Shui analysis, this is considered particularly inauspicious. The path of the New Moon will cause a disruption of the gravitational field from the Sun as well as reflect back it’s light. In the period leading up to, during and for some time after, this unusual ripple in the unseen energies in the cosmos will present a particularly savage type of Sha Qi, or negative energy. In fact the traditional European word for an eclipse is an Occultation, which shows you how it’s long been connected with dark forces. There’s been a large geomagnetic storm leading up to it, the temperature will drop several degrees during it and there may be an eerie wind. This particular eclipse will be particularly strong since the Moon is the closest it’s been to the Earth in 18 years, making the disruptive energies stronger than if it were far away.

Like Western traditions, Feng Shui knowledge states that being outdoors during a solar eclipse is very bad. It can cause up to seven years of extreme bad luck with much misfortune and adversity.

My advice

I advise my clients, students and friends to be indoors during the eclipse’s occultation. Looking at the eclipse directly will vastly increase the amount of Sha Qi you intake. Do not let the shadow fall directly on you and take care to avoid any wind the eclipse may draw up. Let the scientists video the eclipse for you and watch it on telly if you will, but do not look at it as this is a rare event where the forces at play are far stronger than your energy field. It will imprint on your energy field in ways that your energy field isn’t designed to work. Your energy field will take a long time to restore itself. So leave the spectacle to others and have your solar eclipse party, hidden away indoors with the windows and doors shut!

Master Angela Ang in Malaysia

During Chinese New Year 2014, Master Angela Ang will be in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. During this time she’ll be attending various business meetings and events as well as celebrating the New Year and helping those that seek advice on matters of Feng Shui.

Master Angela Ang with Feng Shui compass

Master Angela Ang with her Feng Shui compass

It is currently planned that she will visit from 31st January to 10th February although she has a flexible ticket and plans may vary according to events elsewhere in her South East Asia trip.

If you would like to speak with Master Ang and have a Feng Shui consultation, please get in touch.

Master Angela Ang in Singapore

Master Angela Ang will be visiting Singapore from the 24th January 2014 to the 30th. During this time, there will be a small number of Feng Shui consultations available.

Master Angela Ang

Master Angela Ang

In addition, Master Ang will be giving a public talk on Feng Shui on the 28th January during lunchtime. If you’d like to listen in, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Due to space constraints at the venue, there will only be about 20 seats available and the local organiser in Singapore will be allocating these. It will be an interesting and enjoyable afternoon and we hope to see you there!

Master Angela Ang talks Feng Shui on BBC World

On Wednesday 15th January, BBC World’s Impact program aired at 1.30pm and this edition focussed on one of the hottest topics in the world – the shift of financial power from West to East. Since China opened it’s doors to the West, it’s huge population demographic has enabled it to create immense sums of wealth. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that 6% of the  world’s ultra high net worth individuals – defined as being worth in excess of $50 million – are from China and that the number of billionaires in the China has skyrocketed to 315 from 0 just a decade ago.

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All this extra money has had a knock on effect. Luxury houses in premier cities around the globe have seen their prices soar as demand from Asian investors chases the price up. This is something we know about well at Rising Dragon Feng Shui. In 2012, the Embassy Gardens development that Master Angela Ang Feng Shui auditted became the quickest selling property development in London for the year, despite the bleak UK economic outlook. We’ve also been involved with property developers in other areas where Chinese buyers are increasing prices from the well known like Vancouver, Canada to the less apparent, like Hawaii, USA. Back on home turf in London, Master Angela Ang regularly assists buyers and agents for high end properties determine a suitable short list of residences based upon Feng Shui.

It’s not just us saying this either. The Chinese house buying phenomenon has been reported around the world.

Whether your property is your biggest investment or you’re a commercial property developer, it’s becoming more and more important to incorporate traditional Chinese Feng Shui into your spaces. This doesn’t mean the flimsy New Age Western interpretation of Feng Shui; it’s not about a fresh lick of paint and a strategically placed Buddha head. Chinese buyers, especially those with money, are far too Feng Shui savvy to see just this superficial level. It’s about the internal structures and space, the way Qi flows from the main road into the residence and where it collects. If you’re a property developer, you can easily boost your sales velocity by incorporating elements of this at design stage. If you’re a home owner, you can boost the desirability of your house by refitting with the assistance of a Feng Shui master. In either case, the return on investment of hiring a Feng Shui consultant can be huge as Embassy Gardens demonstrated.

Some investors have argued that they buy the houses for profit and anything that eats into that when they rent them on isn’t worth it. Really? Have you ever tried renting a place out only to find that the tenants are constantly complaining of problems? If the Feng Shui is bad, there’s an increased chance that the rental income the property makes may become troubled as the tenants become distressed. In that sense, keeping the worst vagaries of Feng Shui away from an investment property isn’t altruistic, it’s an altruism that has one’s indirect best interests at heart – a selfish altruism! Or as His Holiness The Dalai Lama so brilliantly teaches, if one truly wishes to look after one’s own self interest, one must be “wisely selfish” by helping others.

Here’s to more developers using Feng Shui from outset. If more people had harmonious lives with less hiccups in their personal life, what difference could it make for society? For this, we must be grateful to the new rich of China.

Feng Shui For Pregnancy

Yesterday I read a BBC News Magazine article called ‘I wish IVF had never been invented’. I have, and currently am, working with couples undergoing IVF so it was insightful to hear the thoughts and views of those who have undergone this treatment. It wasn’t till I started working with IVF patients that I found out what this treatment can cost. Do you know?

It’s from £6,000 to £10,000 per treatment!

Clearly, you have to really want children to undergo this treatment. For some that’s an entire year’s wages and for many, it’ll wipe their savings out, especially if it requires more than one treatment. It’s not without risks, which include:

  • hot flushes
  • feeling down or irritable
  • headaches
  • restlessness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • shortness of breath
  • abdominal bloating
  • ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  • ectopic pregnancies
  • miscarriage
  • multiple births

…and to top that off, the odds are against it actually working, especially as the woman gets older. According to the UK Government Human Fertility & Embrology Authority:

A woman’s ability to conceive a child reduces with age. If you are using your own eggs, on average, the younger you are the higher your chances of success.

In 2010 (the year for which the most recent data is available) women having in vitro fertilisation (IVF) using fresh embryos created with their own fresh eggs, the percentage of cycles started that resulted in a live birth (national averages) was:  

  • 32.2% for women aged under 35
  • 27.7% for women aged between 35–37 
  • 20.8% for women aged between 38–39
  • 13.6% for women aged between 40–42
  • 5.0% for women aged between 43–44
  • 1.9% for women aged 45 and over 

Please note that IVF and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) success are very similar and as such are no longer presented seperately. The above results are for both IVF and ICSI together.

So with a big financial and physical cost, together with the emotional stress, IVF is clearly not a one-way ticket to happy families. At the same time, I know that IVF is not the only option for enhancing fertility.

Hannah was the first woman to call me to ask if I could use my Feng Shui formulas to help her and her husband start a family. This was in 2001.

Hannah used Feng Shui and accupuncture to get pregnant

Hannah used Feng Shui to get pregnant

I did a Feng Shui consultation at her house. They’d had a lot of trouble conceiving and had heard that “bad Feng Shui” could prevent pregnancy, so I wanted to make sure that the Chi outside her house and the Chi inside her house was correct. As she had already checked with her doctors and the doctors could not find anything wrong with her, she decided to look on the internet and find an authentic Chinese Feng Shui consultant. She told me that when she saw my face, she knew that I would be the one to help her. And she was right! The result is in the photos! I did some Feng Shui magic, and she conceived within only a few months and then her baby was born!

It still gives me a big, cheeky grin to this day to say I got Hannah pregnant! It was lovely to hear from her sometime after to say first she was pregnant and later that she’d given birth. It was a very special day to go by sometime later and see the happy family:

Hannah's handsome baby!

Hannah’s handsome baby!

Since Hannah, I’ve worked with several other cases where either getting pregnant or carrying to completion have been challenges. Some of the couples have had IVF or are undergoing IVF when I come to support them and I’m pleased to say that there are more happy families since I used Feng Shui for pregnancy with them:

Pauline gets pregnant!

Pauline gets pregnant!

Pauline is from California, USA and her husband Peter is Scottish. They had difficulty with conceiving as well and had already tried different alternative therapies. But nothing did the magic for them. Until they called me into their house to check their Feng Shui. 
In Pauline’s case, I did the Feng Shui and recommended certain changes be made. However, I could still feel there was something else that needed changing. Part of Pauline’s house is a very old house, from over 100 year old. There had been a lot of past energies still remaining and this I felt was what was hindering them on top of the Feng Shui. So I told Feng Shui that I also recommend that I do a Buddhist ritual to “space clear” the energies of the place. 
Being a Californian, a spiritual woman and believing that all things happen for a reason, Pauline agreed to my recommendations. So I came back to her house to do the Buddhist ritual and cleared away the old negative vibes from the people who lived there before her and her husband. 
And guess what? Soon after that, Pauline was pregnant! I was Pauline’s new best friend after that as well. And Pauline calls me to do more Buddhist rituals for her and her husband whenever they need a boost in his career or help with anything else. Pauline is now a firm believer in Feng Shui and sees me for Feng Shui every year.
Happy family!

Happy family!

Jay and his wife were feeling the pressure after having problems with conception after years of trying. Being Asian, the pressure could be even greater as Asian parents expect grand children quite quickly. They do not like you to waste time. 
Jay told me him and his wife were starting to feel quite bad when so much time had passed and his family and relatives kept asking them when. After I checked his Feng Shui, I laughed and told him very confidently in his case, I’m pretty sure it was just a case of them having absorbed bad Feng Shui energies. I made a bargain with them and said if you get pregnant, will you let me have some pregnancy photos and send out some good Karma to the world so that they know by changing their Feng Shui could be their answer? They agreed. And that is how I have gotten these photos of them after she was about 8 months. I do not know why, but pregnant women seem to like wearing black!
The Feng Shui stork calls for another couple!

The Feng Shui stork calls for another couple!

I have known Sussan since I was in high school and it was by chance that she had moved to London because her husband lived here. I did not know that Sussan had problems with getting pregnant until she told me. She had been trying for more than 3 years! And as she was nearing the big 40, her heart was sinking.

Inspecting Sussan's pregnancy

Inspecting Sussan’s pregnancy

“Oh Sussan, come on, we are friends. You should not be so shy or embarassed. You should have told me earlier. The faster you start getting help, the faster you can try and get pregnant.”

Sussan's bump

Sussan’s bump

In Sussan’s case, her apartment she was living in was totally bad. I advised her to move and get acupuncture after looking at her Chinese Bazi charts. Certain charts show the woman or man or both need extra help. I was very frank with her. Sussan was a cheapskate and did not want to pay for acupuncture. I told her you will forget how much you paid, but you will increase your chances of having a baby. Nothing is guaranteed in life, so how much do you want to have a baby?

If you want to have a baby, then you will do whatever it takes. It is shocking what cheapskates people can be. They can buy designer outfits, yet when it comes to their health and fertility, well being, that is where they want to stop spending. Anyways, after I told her off, she did what I told her to do and the photo shows you the result.

There are more happy baby cases I have not written about. Most of my time, I’m driving up and down the country and seldom have time to write as much as I would like.

It was a recent visit of Pauline’s house that prompted me to finally get this article written for all the women who need hope and help! If I don’t tell you about this, then how will you know? You just won’t.  Simple.

How much is a baby worth to you? If it is worth it, then try Feng Shui. It is not 100% guaranteed. However, it is a lot cheaper than IVF which costs from £6,000 to £10,000 and hard on your body with all the drugs you have to take and terrible side effects.

What people need to remember in life is this:

Know what you want and be willing to pay the price!! 


If bad Feng Shui is the cause, then good Feng Shui is the cure.

You just do not know until you try. If you do not want to try, then you will be childless and regret into your old age.

So who would like to be my next success story? Is it worth a try? I think so, it is much cheaper than IVF and who knows what else Feng Shui could help you with?

Don’t just sit there feeling sorry for yourself, if you have been doing that and not taking any action, that is called giving up and self sabotage. If you want something you must go for it.

Take action today and call 0845 123 2918 for an appointment or send me an email if it is outside of office hours. Get in touch now.

Get To The Raw Truth, Will You?!

I want to share with you some of the additional techniques to creating the life you want that I’m passionate about. One of them is by regulating the foods we eat. Anyone who knows me, knows I share the Malaysian love of all things culinary. In fact I would go as far as to say that as a Chinese person born in Malaysia, raised in Canada and now resident in England, I’ve been blessed as it’s shown me how everyone, the world over, is connected to food. Dinner is a great coming together for so many people, a backbone of family life and a simply daily treasure we can all love. I love the European ideal of fresh, local and sustainable produce of the highest quality, I love the variety and technique of Chinese chefs, the flavour explosion of Asian spices, the tradition of Mediterranean foods and the innovation of new world chefs. Food is a blessing for sure.

Food makes us happy!

Food makes us happy!

One request that comes often on Feng Shui consultations is that the client has low energy and wants to feel more energy and often better libido. Feng Shui sometimes is a direct answer – if you are sleeping or cooking in a bad position, it robs the Qi and leaves you feeling lethargic or enervated. However in all cases, you can build on the foundation of Feng Shui by looking at the balance of food in your diet.

Last weekend I sat in on a couple of seminars by the wonderful Dr Brian Clements of The Hippocrates Health Institute. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a world-leading health centre in the USA that treats people with serious health issues like cancer and diabetes using natural means. One of their core practices is that of eating a diet of raw and living food.

Raw food isn’t something that comes naturally to Chinese! There are very few dishes in our cuisine that use uncooked ingredients. We don’t tend to serve salads like Westerners do and when I first encountered this concept of raw food I found it very challenging. Yet at the same time, it was so obviously sensible – humans aren’t born with ovens or woks built in and yet we’d survived on this planet for thousands and thousands of years prior to their introduction. Of course we are not only capable of surviving eating only uncooked food, we’re evolved to eat that way.

I’m not a 100% raw foodist by any means but over the years I’ve increased my intake of uncooked fruit and vegetables and have a thriving organic, permaculture garden at my home. My experience is that as the amount of cooked foods decreases my energy levels go up. I’d find it hard to be completely raw – after all, us Chinese are ‘rice pots‘ – but I do find that if I eat below 50% of my diet as raw foods, then my health suffers.

I spoke with Dr Clements on this. He told me about studies that have shown the reduction in immune system function as cooked food intake increases. It seems that if 80% of the diet is raw, the body copes well but once more than 25% of the diet is cooked the immune system rapidly diminishes in function. By the time you’re eating half your diet cooked, your immune system function is already compromised.

I spent some time trying to reconcile this with Traditional Chinese Medicine. In TCM, raw food is classed as cooling and it’s thought of as unbalancing if too much is eaten. Yet this must be a more modern idea because people lived in China for countless thousands of years before cooking was invented, let alone TCM! If those people didn’t thrive, we wouldn’t even be here talking about this! My breakdown of raw foods is more like this:

Heating foods:

  • Sweet fruit (like bananas, mangoes, dates)
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Root vegetables
  • Algaes
  • Sprouts
  • Dehydrated foods

Cooling foods:

  • Citrus fruit
  • Melons, cucumbers and other vine fruit
  • Green leafy vegetables

When I started to balance myself according to this I found that I could either eat from both groups and have a balance or eat masses of the cooling foods with a little cooked food like a baked potato or some rice and I would still feel warm either way. I would also go as far as to say there is a neutral group of raw foods with things like peas, broccoli and mushrooms in.

Raw foodists don't live off of salad alone - it can be a gourmet experience like this raw chocolate pie (by

Raw foodists don’t live off of salad alone – it can be a gourmet experience like this raw chocolate pie (photo by

The extra raw food in the diet brings masses of Qi into the body and really helps the body expel Bing Qi or sickness energy, as well as having a natural balancing effect on the body’s Yin and Yang energies. In fact there’s lots of information to support this. Raw food is the basis of a cleansing diet and helps the body restore it’s hormonal balance. I highly recommend that you start introducing more raw food into your diet.

  • Avoiding tapping into bad energies is a fundamental of Feng Shui so please don’t poison yourself with too much cooked food.
  • Another of our fundamental principles of Feng Shui is to capture and store energy. All life on Earth depends upon plants’ ability to do this, so eating them in their original state transfers the maximum amount of this solar energy into you, not to mention recharges the body with minerals and enzymes it can use.

When we look at the underlying principles of Feng Shui and raw food, they’re very aligned. So let’s do like the Vietnamese chefs do and get inventive with salads! By adding a big bowl of leaves and herbs to every dinner, you’ll soon start to see the change from eating a diet of cooked, dead food (excess Yin) to eating one full of living energy (Yang). Try it for 30 days and see!

Feng Shui Stories: The King Dog

Today, I would like recall the true story of a Feng Shui consultation I did many years ago now.  I’d travelled out to rural Cambridgeshire. At the time I was living in Buckingham, but travelled the UK and would drive to see Feng Shui clients in London or Birmingham at least a couple of days a week. Whilst travelling itself is tiring, Cambridge and its surrounding villages are charming. Arrived at my clients home, I got my Feng Shui lopan compass ready and went to the door to say hello and hear her story when I heard a dog start barking. I could tell by the voice of the dog that it was fairly big breed. I love animals and generally get on well with them but nothing prepared me for what I’d find inside…

A Boxer dog

A Boxer dog (©Wikipedia)

I sat in the client’s living room while she brought tea and begun to tell me her story. Her husband worked in the travel industry and had to commute far daily. She was at home alone so they’d bought a dog to keep her company. The dog – a young, male albino Boxer dog – was muscular and strong, as per its breed. Unlike some dogs that terrify guests, it didn’t try to leap up at me although it did make it’s presence known. The saliva dripping from it’s mouth was more slobber from excitement than drooling aggression. Yet when the owner tried to talk, something very unusual became apparent. The dog was in charge.

At first I thought it might simply be a case of high spirits with visitors having called, but sure enough the dog continued to show unusual behaviours. If she tried to give her attention to me the dog would do something to make sure she brought it back to him. It was like the dog was the owner and the owner was being taken for a walk! Even when she tried to make him stay in the room next door, he made such a commotion that she brought him back in.

It took a long time to hear her story as there were lots of interruptions, especially for her! Eventually I was able to start my Feng Shui calculations.

Plotting the Flying Stars, reading the Forms and taking measurements with my Feng Shui compass, I soon came to a solid conclusion. The spot by the stairs where the dog slept, was in fact the seat of power for the house. That’s why this young pup was no ordinary dog – he’d been elevated to king of the house by the couple, who had simply seen the location for his basket as convenient.

The presence of the seat of power in Feng Shui is one thing that is often overlooked by Feng Shui consultants. I have seen clients where one of their children has been given the room with the seat of power in it… with suitably terrible results. The child will not listen to sense, expects the parents to bend over backwards for them and will only eat/study/sleep as they see best. The parents are driven mad and their relationship with one another and their career comes under strain as a result.

It can also happen that at a business, the Feng Shui seat of power is given to a subordinate who ends up with the boss wrapped around his or her finger. Bringing the household back into harmony by diagnosing the types of Qi within it, it’s typical to see the behaviour patterns brought up by giving the seat of power to the wrong person (or dog!) disappear over the coming weeks and months. I have seen many inconceivable things during my long years travelling the world as a Feng Shui consultant. The house you live in reveals the current state of your journey to your destiny. Those that know how to read the signs can help you break from the patterns of behaviour that keep you from being as great as you could be.

If you’d like to find out more about the ways Feng Shui might be affecting you or those that you care about, I can help. Over 50,000 people have taken my Feng Shui Essentials online course. It’s free and will take you around an hour to complete. Try it here.

Is Feng Shui Simply Balance?

One of the core beliefs in the Chinese systems is that balance is key. This is true in both the Shaolin and Wudan fighting systems, in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Ba Zi divination, Taoist philosophy and in many Feng Shui formulas. It’s almost like an all-pervasive finger-pointing at the Buddha’s teachings on non-duality; whereby since all are equal there is neither pleasure nor pain. In popular parlance, people use the term in conversation like ‘this hotel was Feng Shui’d’. When they do that it’s often an implied suggestion that there is some balance visible. It could be said of the way a place looks or feels or even of how a meal is made of different dishes. Should we accept that Feng Shui simply means balance, or is an acceptable pseudonym for it, or is this missing the point?

Yin and Yang. OK, technically this is a Tai Chi symbol but it's commonly called Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang. OK, technically this is a Tai Chi symbol but it’s commonly called Yin and Yang.

On one hand Feng Shui is a word very much like Yin-Yang (or the better known Tai Chi symbol that’s erroneously become known as Yin-Yang). This is because Feng Shui translated is a duality concept. Literally translated it means Wind and Water and these are two types of opposing Qi energy.

  • Wind is the masculine Qi. It ascends to heaven and is full of movement.
  • Water is the feminine Qi. It descends and is earthly and still.

In this sense it is about balance. Too much masculine Qi and a place is harsh to support much life. Too much feminine Qi and a place becomes stagnant. Perfection would be live right in the intersection between the two, which is the most supportive of life.

Yet in reality, mankind has always tried to bend the rules to his advantage. Here are some common ways we see this in Feng Shui:

  • the husband wishes for more control in the relationship than the wife and so makes the Dragon side of the building larger than the Tiger
  • the business looking to upset its neighbors, builds a venue with a jagged side to send negative energy at them (the Hong Kong bank Feng Shui wars are a great example of this)
  • the casino may tip its energy to the Yang side in an attempt to cause heightened confidence

This is the same as in martial arts. To strike is Yang. To be perfectly balanced in a fight one would either need to be Jesus or to have attained the state of Zanshin – a moving meditation where there is no attacker and no defender since all is one. For the rest of mere mortals, there is still a lot of Yang energy needed to practiced martial arts.

In this sense, when a person says ‘this place was Feng Shui’d’ we’re probably doing ourselves a disservice if we simply take the term Feng Shui to mean it was balanced. A master of Feng Shui will understand that owner of the home is of a strong Metal Qi disposition. Balancing it for him would mean the building is high in Wood Qi. If a strong Fire Qi person were then to walk into it, the extra wood energy would imbalance them since wood breeds more fire.

Feng Shui is almost always carried out in this way – the notion of balance is subjective and based upon the owner or commissioner of the survey’s needs. It’s not based upon a universal sense of balance in which Yin and Yang and all of the Five Elements are placed in their appropriate directions in equal proportions.

If you are in a place that has been subject to the critique of a Feng Shui master, study it in detail. Look to see who it was balanced in favour of. If it is a business, see if they are using it to make you too free with your purse strings. If it is a residence, you may be able to discover what the owner’s Qi consists of. One thing is certain; at least you won’t be fooled into blindly believing that the idea of balance that humans use is the same as that which Buddha uses!

The Best Documentary on Unseen Energies Yet!

It’s not often that I tell people that watching an hour and a half of fascinating documentary will fast track their understanding of what the unseen world is doing to them.

I’m no drama queen at all, but today I’m sharing with you something that is vitally important. It will get you up to date with the latest research and understanding of things affecting our life that are outside of conventional conscious comprehension. More important than the research, is what it means to you and the people you care about. So what’s going on here?

Geomagnetic Storm In Progress

Geomagnetic Storm In Progress

I’ve spoken before about wifi and EMFs as unseen energies, and there are many more unseen energies studied in Feng Shui. Magnetic fields and Schumann resonance are topics which are becoming increasingly well studied in the modern age as studies accumulate. Yet there’s been a huge gulf in conveying the significance of these energies to the public. While individual studies may seem impressive, it’s not until a bigger picture of the power of resonance and it’s importance to life on Earth is drawn that the implications of unseen energies become clearly apparent.

The best examination of this to date was recently released in a new documentary by independent film maker, James Russell. Featuring leading researchers and experts from centres like Oxford University, Bristol University, Power Watch and the MTHR, Resonance – Beings of Frequency, shines a light on natural and man made unseen energies that’s not been seen before. Importantly, the film makes have made this ground breaking documentary available for free. After you’ve watched it, you’ll appreciate why it’s so important. Please share it on to all that you know and care about.

Join in the debate on Facebook at and sign the petition at

Yin and Yang are One


Yin becomes Yang becomes Yin